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  1. Dj Shadow - Right ThingDj Shadow  - Right Thing
  2. Pulsallama - The Devil Lives In My Husband's BodyPulsallama  - The Devil Lives In My Husband's Body
  3. Haruomi Hosono - CaravanHaruomi Hosono - Caravan
  4. Tim Buckley - Driftin'Tim Buckley  - Driftin'
  5. Michael Hurley - Animal Song (If I Could Ramble Like A Hound)Michael Hurley - Animal Song (If I Could Ramble Like A Hound)
  6. The Limiñanas - Istanbul Is SleepyThe Limiñanas - Istanbul Is Sleepy
  7. Yardbirds - All The Pretty Little Horses (Hushabye)Yardbirds - All The Pretty Little Horses (Hushabye)
  8. Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Over EverythingCourtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Over Everything

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Spring Offensive | Bandsalat

Spring Offensive Heute in einer Woche spielen die charismatischen Jungs von Spring Offensive aus Oxford für schlappe 5 Öcken im Feierwerk (Kranhalle) - eine Veranstaltung, die ich euch wärmstens ans Herz legen möchte. An sich ja gar nicht (mehr) so mein Genre, gefällt mir an dieser Band so gut wie alles. Das Pressefoto: Eine glücklichere Party kann man sich kaum vorstellen.
Das aktuelle Video, zu A Stutter And A Start - bekommt von mir 95/100 - eine selten hohe Wertung. Ich würde sogar sagen, das ist ein früher Aspirant für die Video Awards dieses Jahr. Und musikalisch überzeugen sie mich auch. Gut, wollen wir sehen, ob sie unseren knallharten Fragen standhalten:

How would you classify the music you make? (+ the best song for first-time-listeners)

We make miserable music laced with triumph. We're the sort of people who love to go out and have a good time, and frequently do, but usually plunge into despair afterwards. I guess it's music for people who aren't really enjoying the party.
The song you should probably check out is A Stutter And A Start, because it has the most YouTube-hits and the internet never lies.

If it was edible, what kind of fruit would your music be?

A pomegranate. It's potentially a bit ugly on the outside. Strange at least.
Then you open it up and you are blown away by all the little bits. The complexity, the different textures. On closer inspection though, and when emptied, you realise it was all gloop; just a mess of different seeds all squeezed into a strange shell.
Hopefully still delicious though.

The most important CDs/books/films that have inspired your music?

I think Kick Up The Fires and Let the Flames Break Loose by The Cooper Temple Clause was a really important record when the band was starting out all those years ago.
I am not sure you can hear the influence, but at the time we thought "we need to get of our arses and start making music like this".
We idolised it as a whole, complete and almost flawless record.

Now, it changes so so much. For our track Dreams About Monsters writing by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was really influence, as was (potentially strangely) Charlie Kaufman's films. Lars Von Trier too.

It's hard to quantify exactly what each artist contributed, but they are very much there in the work.
To us, the references sometimes strike us as a bit too obvious, to others though, they think we are making it up. The works of Kafka, and the mentality behind them, are hugely important, but you probably wouldn't know that by listening.
It's amazing that Gregor Samsa in Metamorphosis wakes up one day to find he's a beetle, and his reaction isn't "fuck, I'm a beetle", it's more, "if I'm a beetle, I can't work, and that means I won't get paid today".

What significance does your gig in Munich have for you & how did you prepare for this city?

It's hard to say we have prepared for Munich in particular, even though it is one of the most important dates on the tour. None of the band have been, but bands, when returning from tour, talk about Munich as one of their favourites.
The more important question is how has the city prepared for us?

What did noone ever ask you although you'd love to be asked that question? And what is the answer?

The question: "Would you like to support The Smiths at their big homecoming show?". The answer: "Shut up, I know you're making that up". Another good question would be: "Do you want the rest of this sandwich", because right now I'm starving.

What do you hate most?

Promoters who fail at their one-word-job-description-title. They can wreck bands.

Is there a band from your hometown that you like and that is probably unknown over here in Germany?

Ute. They have just spilt up, but are such an incredible band. If you don't believe me:

They are the first band I ever saw in Oxford and this song made me realise that this was the right town for us.

If you could choose any place - where would you perform?

The Coliseum, dressed as Gladiators and the whole audience wearing Togas. We get the thumbs up/down to decide whether we live or die after the performance. They let the lions in if we fail.
We have to fight them off using only road crew/flight cases/guitars and drum sticks. They then flood the stage, and we have to swim to the exit on the remains of the stage.

Matthias Schmidt

Autor: Matthias Schmidt

Chefredaktion | Booking | Entwicklung

Gründer von Tapefruit. Architekt und Hausbrauer. Betreibt Tapefruit seit 2009 als Chefredakteur, Booker und Program­mierer.

Doktert ansonsten unter dem Pseudonym sigtrygg an verschiedenartiger Musikelektronik herum.

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Matthias, 18.10.2011 19:41:

Oh, was ich noch erwähnen sollte: das Debüt-Album wird 2012 erwartet, ich werd was hören lassen.

SunSon, 19.10.2011 17:49:

Die klingen nach lustigen Jungs :)

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